We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the design.

In addition, if you don't like the delivered work, we will provide unlimited revision until you're totally satisfied with our work.

However, we will not refund the money once you have approved the designs.

Also, if you cancel the ongoing project without any specific reason, you will only get a 50% Money-back Guarantee from your total package/invoice money.
Please get in touch immediately to cancel the project and request refund money within 7 days.
If you are late to inform us about your ongoing project, we are not eligible to refund your money.
All refund requests must be made through email at hello@logobold.com
The refund amount will be credited back into your account within approximately 30 business days after receiving your request.

We don't store any data. Instead, we use 2checkout.com to process payments. All payments are handled securely by 2checkout.com.

Payment Methods

The current payment methods available are credit or debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, PayPal, and Pin Debit (Non-recurring U.S.A. transactions, made in U.S.A. Dollar only). 2Checkout may add or remove payment methods without any liability to you.

You shall provide 2checkout.com with an accurate and correct Payment Instrument to complete your Payment Transactions. If you fail to deliver 2checkout.com with an accurate Payment Instrument, then the following may occur:

(1) Your Payment Transaction may be improperly executed;
(2) Your Payment Transaction may be denied;
(3) Your Payment Transaction or your Payment Instrument may be marked as fraudulent;
(4) Your Payment Transaction may be delayed; and/or
(5) Your Payment Transaction may be blocked. In addition, 2Checkout may verify all information you provide us with third parties, including your Payment Instrument.

Blocked Transactions

2Checkout may block your Payment Transaction at its sole discretion. In addition, 2Checkout may block the transaction or refuse a Payment Transaction in the following circumstances:

(1) For the security of the Payment Instrument;
(2) Suspected unauthorized or fraudulent use;
(3) For risks relating to 2Checkout's legal obligations;
(4) For risks relating to any Dispute, Chargeback, claim, reversal, fees, fines, or penalties;
(5) For risks relating to sales of goods or services from Seller/Merchants that are on the Prohibited Products List;
(6) If you have exceeded our purse limits, as described below;
(7) Where it would be unlawful to allow the Payment Transaction; or
(8) Other circumstances where we must abide by legal obligations as a payment services provider, including our legal obligations under anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist financing, or similar related laws.

Further Information

2Checkout may obtain additional information about you. This information may include credit or background inquiries or other additional information. We may use this information to process your Payment Transaction, verify you're Payment Instrument, or verify the information you provide us. You authorize us to conduct these inquiries as we deem appropriate.

We may confirm the validity of the bank or wire transfer with your financial institution. In addition, we may ensure that your Payment Instrument is in good standing with the Card-issuing bank. This confirmation may involve requesting a payment authorization or other actions. Furthermore, you shall provide 2Checkout with any further information necessary to assist 2Checkout in complying with its legal obligations, including anti-money laundering laws and/or anti-terrorism financing laws. This additional information may include identification documents, passports, or other documents.

Transaction and Purse Limit

2Checkout may limit any of your transactions, series of your transactions, your total running transaction amount, or the frequency of your transactions. We maintain the right to change, suspend, or discontinue the Service, or any aspect thereof, at any time without notifying you and without liability. We may impose access restrictions or limits, or both, on features without notice and without incurring liability. We may also refuse either your or the Seller/Merchant's request to process a transaction without notice or liability.

Payment of Fees

Absent any conditions outlined in this Payment Terms; you will not be charged for the use of the Service. However, fees, taxes, VAT, shipping, insurance, or exchange rates may be assessed based on: (1)Your agreement with the Seller/Merchant at the time of purchase; (2) Your State, Province, or Country; and/or (3) The financial institution that issued your bank account or your Card; all of which 2Checkout has no control over. When a charge is assessed to complete a transaction, you authorize us to debit your Payment Instrument. You further authorize us to credit your Payment Instrument in cases where there has been a reversal, refund, or adjustment. 2Checkout is not liable for the Seller/Merchant's failure to display any fees or taxes accurately.

If the refund request is granted by 2Checkout, payments are refunded as follows:

Credit / Debit Cards payments will be refunded within one (1) business day;
Wire Transfer and cheque payments will be refunded within seven (7) business days, and the end-user will support the cost of transfer;
PayPal payments will be refunded within one (1) business day;
Other payment methods will be refunded between five (5) to seven (7) days.
If applicable, 2Checkout reserves the right to hold the refund payment until we receive a completed letter of destruction of the product signed by you.

The present refund policy is part of the 2Checkout TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

All refund and exchange requests are managed by 2Checkout and are made under the 2Checkout Refund Policy set forth at https://www.2checkout.com/legal/refund/ policy is hereby incorporated into this agreement by reference.

For any queries regarding this policy, please contact us at support@logobold.com.